What is Sensory Play? 

There have been countless studies done that support sensory play aiding children's development from a very early age. Montessori encourages starting at a very early age with sensorial play. 

A lot of fellow mamas ask me how they are supposed to have their little ones play with their kits.. That's the best part- everything they need is already in them! Children have such beautiful imaginations and together with the kits- they can play for hours! Sensory play works because your child will do exactly what they need to. Their own amazing bodies and brains do the rest! 

Let's keep it simple because if you are a tired mama like me--- that's what we need: Sensory play benefits

  • Forms brain connections
  • builds fine motor skills
  • boosts language development 
  • encourages problem solving skills 
  • Reduces anxiety 

Best part- it doesn't matter what level your child is already on- it can help them grow further! Even parents can have fun learning along with their child while they read the included fun fact card! 

Why LPK?

Our approach is simple. Let children have fun while playing- and also teach them at the same time. Sensory play already has so many incredible benefits for your child. It helps eliminate screen time as well and helps your child use their hands and imagination to play.  

Our kits come from high quality ingredients made at home. We include sensory calming rice in each kit and our very own sensory-dough. 

 What other mamas are saying.. 

"When my son opened his box he was so excited to see little figurines and play dough to play with. He immediately started playing with his sister and they quietly played for hours!" - Lauren C. 

"My kids loved the fun facts and we got to share them with the whole family! I never knew some of them myself!" - Marissa 

"The wooden toys give me so much peace of mind knowing they are safe for my little one to play and will last a long time."- Meaghan D.

"Little Play Kit helped our family so much in this pandemic because I found myself home from work with 4 kids  24/7 and it was exhausting... I was so burnt out trying to teach them and have fun, this did both!" - Jessica 

"WOW! The boxes are absolutely adorable, I have bought almost all of them after seeing my daughter create little worlds and games for hours"- Samantha R.

"Spending money on handmade wooden toys instead of cheap plastic toys is the best investment I have made not only in my playroom, but in my children." - Rebecca C.