Welcome to Little Play Kits! My name is Lindsey and I am a stay-at-home mama to two incredible little humans. I started LPK like many of you mamas- extremely sleep deprived and seeking a few minutes to sip on my coffee. I searched all over to find something that my children would love doing by themselves and would  teach them at the same time.
  I always dreamed of being a mom, so after a difficult pregnancy and finding myself in the NICU holding my firstborn, I was determined to help him to always be developmentally on track.
   I had heard about sensory kits and how beneficial they could be, but I was skeptical that my very hyper son would actually enjoy sitting still to do an activity for more than two minutes. I was shocked when I made my own homemade play-dough and bought toys for a kit that he LOVED it and actually played for HOURS! It was a miracle and I was one happy mama. 
As a mama who was also overwhelmed and overstimulated by flashing lights and loud noises found in most toys, I found a huge difference when I changed to all wooden toys and a Montessori lifestyle. 
   I was desperate to keep my children away from screens ( as much as possible) and have them learn and have FUN at the same time. Each of our kits comes with an original watercolor fact card that I make myself. They are designed to teach children about a topic and get them excited about art + learning. 
   Every time a child plays- there is an opportunity to teach and for them to learn
                Let's play!